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How We Deliver Our Services

MarComm Plan

Don’t be concerned about how distance will affect our working relationship. We have very satisfied clients all across the U.S. With today’s Internet communications, e-mail, pdf proofs, fax machines, and overnight delivery, you will think we are either right down the hall or just across town.

River Bend Marketing works from a proven methodology that our president developed over 20 years ago. When we begin working together, we will first go through a strategy planning process (see illustration). From this process we will jointly produce a Marketing Communications Matrix that will outline all of the communication activities that we are planning for a 12-month period. The Matrix also contains review and completion dates. At a glance, you can find the status of all your projects from one source. The Matrix is updated on an ongoing basis and contains a revision date, so as we discuss projects, we know we are working from the same information.

Our proactive public relations program has over 20 years of success behind it, and we can provide references to prove it from every major healthcare magazine.

Ford Phillips is highly professional and handles his clients very well both in PR projects and ad campaigns… He has the industry expertise and history behind him supporting your company.

  — Carrie Dry

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