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        Vertical screw-wing large diameter water meter


        This series of products is a vertical screw-wing large diameter water meter. Adopt vertical screw internal structure, wide range, high precision, R=200. It is the preferred water meter measuring instrument for the water resources management charging department to improve the economic benefits of water resources management and reduce water waste through accurate measurement. Moreover, the intelligent upgrade is very convenient. Simply replace the upper cover with different remote transmission modules to complete the intelligent upgrade. It is the preferred large-caliber water meter and the screw-wing high-precision large-caliber water meter.

        一、Technical characteristics: 

        • Easy maintenance, the movement is removable, replaceable, and easy to maintain

        • Intelligent and easy to upgrade, just replace the cover to upgrade to a remote water meter

        • Low power design. When upgraded to wireless remote transmission type (NB type/LoRa type), the battery can be used for 2~3 years. The management software can view the battery voltage in real time for easy replacement.

        • When upgrading to wired remote transmission M-BUS/RS485 type, the normal working state is powered by the communication line, and the built-in lithium battery can ensure the normal measurement of the water meter for more than three years in the case of the communication line disconnection.

        • Remote meter reading: Through the management software, you can regularly read and use the usage data, monitor the water usage in real time, and easily find and check the abnormal water consumption.

        • Excellent moisture resistance, passed the IP68 waterproof rating test, can be used with confidence

        Vertical screw-wing large diameter water meter

        Parameters & installation


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